Out of the Window



This series of photographs were taken with my little Panasonic Lumix Lx-5 out of the windows at Milstein Hospital at Columbia Medical Center in New York.  My 86 year old Mom has ovarian cancer and had to have surgery to remove the cancer and large tumor.  She is recovering nicely and we were lucky because had she not had the surgery she would have been dead within the month.  This is a view out of the small waiting room next to her toom.  It was taken at about 7:00 a.m. and no textures were added.

The image below was taken a little later but you can still see the glow on the building. This is looking out over the Hudson River. This one I added a little texture to it.  Textures are from Shadowhouse Creations for the image below.



I took the next two out of my Mom’s room at the Milstein Hospital on the Sunday after her surgery.  It snowed that day so I wanted to capture the snow on the trees.  You can catch a little of the window reflection in them.  The textures used on this one are from Dirk Wuestenhagen, Flypaper and Distressedtextures.


The image below you can see the rain/snow on the window.  I did add some more dramatic clouds to to this shot.  You know me, I’m always fiddling with nature.




18 thoughts on “Out of the Window

  1. Wow Karen – that third shot is phenomenal. Love the b&w effect on the storm clouds. I will keep your Mom in my heart and prayer. Know Columbia well ~ and hope she got good care there! ~RL

  2. These are all amazing and I really love that first one.. such clarity.. Thank goodness your Mom is on the mend and I send a silent prayer for her continued good health!

  3. The 2nd and 4th are my favorites. I love the sharp silvery detail at the bottom of #4. Those soft dark clouds really make that area stand out to me. Best wishes for your mother.

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