Ode to a Tree



Two pieces I’ve been working on that were taken at Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Pocantico Hills, New York.  I worked with textures from Dirk Wuestenhagen, Shadowhouse Creations, Distressedtextures and Flypaper.  The image above is actually a composite because it was located right on the road and I didn’t like the road but I loved the tree so in went grass!  I’m all for creating a landscape they way I want it to look in my world.  The main attraction in both of these images were the branches and just how they were shaped.  The one above is crooked and eerie and the tree below flows smoother, more gentle.


13 thoughts on “Ode to a Tree

  1. Hi Karen — Enjoyed looking at both but the 1st one really spoke to me. Thanks. I do look forward to your Sunday updates!

  2. To me, trees are some of the most fascinating things there are. Or instead of things, I should say “living beings”?
    I like to look at them, walk up to them, around them, touch them. And there was a time I even climbed them…
    Beautiful work, Karen. How you make me dream away.

  3. I always thought parts of Rockefeller Preserve needed relandscaping! Move the road, plant some grass, herd a few cows over……

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