Heatherstone Castle


Heatherstone Castle is located in Tarrywile Park in Danbury, Connecticut.  It was built between 1895-1899 and was occupied up until 1987 when it was sold to the town of Danbury, Connecticut.  Unfortunately, the town did not maintain the castle and it fell into decay.  The photo above and the one below were taken a year or two ago in the summer and the last photo, showing the castle in its entirety, was shot yesterday.  It was too beautiful of a day not to go out and hike up to the castle. I love the romance of abandoned castles and I always see beauty and mystery in decay.   I have, of course, added my usual textures and filters in order to express that mood.  Textures are by Dirk Wuestenhagen, Shadowhouse Creations and Distressedtextures.  I hope you enjoy them and I wish a Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it.


The photo below was shot yesterday showing the castle in Tarrywile Park.


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