I Speak For Trees, for the Trees Have No Tongues


“I Speak for Trees, for the Trees Have No Tongues” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

” I speak for trees, for the trees have not tongues” from The Lorax by Dr. Suess.

I photographed this yesterday on my walk in Baxter Preserve in North Salem, New York.  A beautiful place to see rolling meadows and hills.  My mission was to get a nice walk in before the snow (we had 7.5″ overnight) and play around with the Hipstamatic app on my IPhone.  I fell in love with the lens/film combination John S + AO BW.  It is a very moody and atmospheric combination.  I then brought the image into IColorama and played around with different effects.  I liked this one which landed up looking like a  glass tiles or a window pane.  Just made it a little more interesting for me.

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