Vibrantly Unrepentant

“Vibrantly Unrepentant” ©2020 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

I photographed this a long time ago at the New York Farm Colony on Staten Island. The graffitti was so incredibly vibrant.

The New York Farm Colony was built in 1898 as a place the impoverished and socially outcast were sent to stay and work on the farm. The farm produced fruit, vegetables and grain which allowed the farm to be self sustaining. By the 1930’s the farm became a home for the elderly and was officially closed in 1975. During the 1970’s several children disappeared and shallow graves were found on the property. A cult move called “Cropsy” looks at the urban legend that developed from this. The famous “Willowbrook Mental Institution” was located right behind the farm colony. Needless to say it is a very eerie place.

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