Waiting for Their Return


Photographed at an abandoned hotel this past September.  This was the main reception area where guest would check in.  It always amazes me how buildings are just left with the furniture in them, waiting for guests who will never return.

I always get asked why I photograph abandoned places and part of it goes back to my childhood and my love of mysteries.  I still have my entire Nancy Drew collection in my library.  I also wanted to live in the Adams Family house.  I thought it was a really cool house.  Walking into these places, all I see is light and shadow and the sense of a mystery of what happened.  I’m rarely frightened in these places.  The only thing I am afraid of are humans who are up to no good in these places and can harm me. The only time I had a really bad scare was when I was photographing with a fellow photographer and two urbex explorers came out of the dark and startled me.  I have a highly sensitive “flight” mode, when scared, and landed up backing up super fast (breaking the number one rule when exploring an abandoned place- NEVER back up) and fell 3 feet out a door.  Luckily it was only 3 feet and I landed up with only a sprained ankle and minor cuts.  I never explore alone and preferably with a group of three.  One to stay with someone if they get hurt and the other to run and get help.


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