From The Thunder


“From The Thunder” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“From the thunder” from the poem Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

I photographed this old barn on the way to the Mills Mansion in Staatsburg, NY.  The clouds were nice and stormy.  I used the Hipstamatic app on my IPhone X with the lens/film/flash combination of Anne-Marie + Aristotle + Jolly Rainbow.  This combination gave me the darkness and drama of the day.

It Waits Upon The Lawn

It Waits Upon The Lawn

“It Waits Upon The Lawn” ©2018 Karen Johnson

I photographed the Mills Mansion (Staatsburg State Historic Site) in Staatsburg, New York with my IPhone X last weekend.  It is a beautiful 79 room mansion designed by Stanford White in the Beaux Arts style.  I  used the Hipstamatic camera app with the Ann-Marie + Aristotle + Jolly Rainbow lens, film and flash combination.  I loved the way this film combination created a very haunting image.  Dark and foreboding with the edges blurred as if it is slipping off the side.  Perfect for the upcoming Halloween week!

Abstract of Time


“Abstract of Time” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

I was playing around with a vintage image I had colorized and a graffiti room I photographed at the abandoned Packard Car Plant in Detroit.  I added a pretty heavy painterly texture to it.  I worked on this image starting on my Ipad and then moved it into Photoshop to work with Topaz Studio.  I just liked the way the colors melded together and her stillness against the wild background.

Through Broken Walls And Gray


“Through Broken Walls And Gray” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“Through broken walls and gray” from The House on the Hill by Edwin Arlington Robinson

This room was photographed on one of the Abandoned America workshops I went on.  I loved the black and white floor and peeling paint.

Cans, Papers, Rags


“Cans, Papers, Rags” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“Cans, Papers, Rags” from the poem The Ghetto by Lola Ridge.

Photographed in the Bowery in New York City.  I gave it a slight painterly feel to go along with the cans of paint and graffiti.


Out The Window


“Out The Window” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

I photographed this when I went on one of my Abandoned America trips.  It was photographed from a room from a former hospital that became a prison in Pennsylvania.  I loved that red brick against the dark gloomy blue sky.  The bare trees lend a starkness to it.

Old Stone To New Building


Old Stone To New Building ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“Old Stone To New Building” from T.S. Eliot, “Four Quartets” Part II: East Coker

I photographed this beautiful old building down by the World Trade Center.  I just loved the way the light reflected on it and the architectural details.  The newer buildings surround it do not dominate it at all.  It stands strong among them.

Exhibit of My Work


I will be exhibiting five of my vintage series pieces with three other photographers at the North Castle Public Library from September 10 to October 13th.  The opening reception is Sunday, September 23rd from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.  If you are in the area, please stop in and say hello!

This library is very special to me because it was my favorite place to go to when I was growing up in Armonk.  The art gallery is new to the library and it is a wonderful space to exhibit work.  I am exhibiting alongside three wonderful photographers from Armonk so we have a nice mix of different styles and views.

There Is Ruin And Decay


“There Is Ruin And Decay” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“There is ruin and decay” inspired from The House on the Hill by Edwin Arlington Robinson.

One of my many images from the Packard Auto Plant in Detroit, Michigan. This is one that I photographed with my IPhone X and processed 90% on my IPad.  I added a painterly feel to it because modern ruins are generally not depicted this way.  I think the painterly effect gives it such a totally different feel.

And All The Flowers Were Mine

And All the Flowers Were Mine

“And All The Flowers Were Mine” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“And all the flowers were mine” from To One in Paradise by Edgar Allan Poe

This image is one of the happy chance combinations I sometimes stumble upon.  I had colorized the little girls but had no idea where I was going to place them.  I tried them in different locations I had photographed and this one room just seemed to fit them.  I then decided to use one of the paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Open Access program. I saw this one by Martin Johnson Heade and when I put it in the room and maneuvered it around I really loved the result.  It became very surreal and magical.  I still felt it was missing something so I added the gramophone and bees.

The room was photographed at an abandoned school in Pennsylvania.  The flowers are part of a painting by Martin Johnson Heade called “Hummingbirds and Passion Flowers” which is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The vintage image of the two little girls is also from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The gramophone I photographed at a flea market.

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