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Appasionato is an Italian term used in music which is defined as telling the musician to perform with a great amount of emotion.

I photographed this at the end of a hallway at the Eastern State Penitentiary.  The grand piano was photographed at the JW Cooper School in Pennsylvania.  The vintage image is a composite of two images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The doves are from Madetobeunique on DeviantArt.

A Silent Footstep on the Stairs


Staircase as Trans Allegheny

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I photographed this staircase at the Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum in West Virginia.  I love the way the light was coming through a broken window onto the wall.  The beautiful colors of the peeling paint. This part of the asylum was a dormitory for women and is in a very decayed state.  It is the only building that is and I loved the look of it.


Darkness, Darkness


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Darkness, Darkness written by Jesse Colin Young and intro by Charlie Daniels. Recorded by the Youngbloods in 1969. I always loved this song growing up and it went through my head when I was creating this image. 
Photographed at Scranton Lace and the back hall photographed at Pennhurst State Asylum.  I wanted it to be a very long hall.  The end of the hallway leads to a night forest. A composite I had created awhile back. I photographed the forest at Rockefeller Preserve. The clouds I photographed in Santa Fe.  Best clouds are there.  The vintage woman is one of my flea market finds.

Ode to the End of Summer

The Orchard copy

I have been wanting to photograph an apple orchard for some time now and was able to get to an orchard yesterday.  I drove to Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard in North Salem, New York.  It is not apple season yet but the apple trees were full.  I did pick peaches which were the most beautiful, unblemished peaches I have seen.  The orchard sits on top of a hill and the view is spectacular.  The farm has wonderful home made loaves of bread as well as cider.  You can sit out on their patio and have breakfast and lunch. Definitely worth a visit.
I photographed the above with my IPhone and did most of the work on my Ipad.  I brought the image into Photoshop for a few finishing touches.
This is the original image.

Unaltered Apple Picture copy


Born of Gold & Silver Spikes

The Great Big Rollin Railroad

©2017 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“Born of Gold and Silver Spikes” lyrics from the “Great Big Rollin Railroad” song.  Created by Bill Fries for the Union Pacific Advertising Campaign.

Photographed outside the window of the Lakeshore Limited heading to New York from Chicago.  I photographed this with my IPhone using my Hipstamatic app.

Leave No Black Plume


“Leave No Black Plume” ©2017 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

I wanted a ominous feel to this without going too dark. Background was photographed at Waveny Park in New Canaan, Connecticut.  Jackdaws are from FrankandCary at DeviantArt since I can’t capture birds as wells Frank can! Vintage girl is one of my oldies but goodies.

“Leave No Black Plume” from The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Harkness-Park-Landscape*”I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth

The background was photographed at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut.  The pug and lavender are from an old vintage card that I found on Graphics Fairy.  The clouds and sky I photographed in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The best place to photograph clouds.  The frame is an actual vintage frame from an old daguerreotype.



View From A Train



@2017 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

Photographed with my Fuji X-70 from my roomette window on the Amtrak Southwest Chief.  This is just leaving LAMY, NV where I boarded.  The sky and the red clay of the earth are just so unreal. I love the traveling on the train because you don’t get these views from a car.  New Mexico is just incredibly beautiful.   The Wild West.



The Queen’s Armada


I haven’t posted in two weeks because I have been in a workshop, “The Creative Digital Collage” at the Santa Fe Workshops, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My instructor was the wonderful Maggie Taylor whose work has been an inspiration to me and if I had just a pinch of her talent I would be a happy artist!  Maggie’s work is in museums and galleries around the world.  Her work was used for the opening title for the television show “Ghost Whisper” which you can see here.

The piece above is one I started in Maggie’s class and finished at home.  I learned so much from this class and will be always be grateful for Maggie’s generosity with her time and her sharing of her creative process.  It was such a great opportunity to learn from the master.

I used numerous elements to create this piece.  Water is from a local water reservoir where I live, the background is part of dutch masterpiece from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Open Access site, the queen’s body is from the National Gallery of Art Open Access site and the head is from a vintage photo, jackdaw from Frank and Cary on Deviant Art.

Rust, Rust, Rust in the Engines of Love and Time


©2017 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“Rust, rust, rust in the engines of love and time,” by Leonard Cohen, Front Lawn, Flowers for Hitler (1964).

Photographed at the airplane graveyard.  I love the way the front grill resembles a mouth and the blue paint and rust mix so beautifully together.

Happy 4th of July!

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