Angelic Being

Angelic Being

I discovered a great ai generating site called “Midjourney”. It is an ai powered system that generates art through text. I have been learning how to use through youtube videos. For Angelic Being I used the terms: “highly detailed full body character of an angelic figure with wings, full body, in the style of terry gilliam, angelic face, highly detailed, photo realistic, dark fantasy atmosphere, 8K, octane render, unreal engine”. Those terms produced the above.

My goal is to incorporate what is produced into my images. I’m still playing around and learning how to really push it and get what I am looking for. All I know is that I am having a blast with it!

9 thoughts on “Angelic Being

  1. This is amazing. I am constantly in awe of your creativity and ability to keep pushing the wheel. You are a treasure.

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