The Sound of Glass Breaking #2

“The Sound of Glass Breaking #2” ©2021 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

The second work in my series “The Sound of Glass Breaking #2”. This again is made up of a majority of my own images. The vintage image is from the Smithsonian Museum Open Access Program. Her dress is decorated from a beautiful mosaic that I photographed in the Lexington/59th Street Subway station. The mosaic is by Elizabeth Murray. The background and wheel are from an airplane graveyard I photographed as well as graffiti from the Packard Plant in Detroit and images from the Tribeca area of NYC. Vintage butterfly and bird cage are from Graphics Fairy.

I’m really enjoying working with collages. I have completed 3 works in this series so far and I am in the middle of working on a fourth. I’m hoping to have a total of 5-6 pieces for this series.

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