The Sound of Glass Breaking #1

The Sound of Glass Breaking #1 ©2021 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

I started a new series of work, “The Sound of Glass Breaking.” I watched a great presentation on collages through the Metropolitan Museum of Art and decided to really work on a piece. This series is inspired by my love for Amanda Gorman’s poetry, Kamela Harris being our first female Vice President and a great T-shirt . The T-shirt is a picture of broken glass with a a pair of converse sneakers among the shards and it says “Where shoes ladies, there’s glass everywhere.” I ordered the t-shirt through Etsy because I just loved it.

The image above is composed of 99.9% of images I photographed over the years. I enjoyed the whole process of creating this piece because I had to look back over thousands of images I made over the past 11 years. I didn’t realize the breadth of work I have created. The process of layering pieces and taking just little parts of an image is just so much fun. I don’t start with any preconceived idea. I just let my emotions take over and create it.

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