The Poetry Of Decay

“The Poetry Of Decay” ©2020 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

What was once a beautiful resort now lies in dampness and decay. This once grand stair case led from a lounge and bar area above down to where people would check in and have their hair done in the beauty salon and other spa like services. The wall paper now hangs limp from the walls and the carpet is covered in moss and mold. Amazing how mother nature reclaims what was once hers.

2 thoughts on “The Poetry Of Decay

  1. Karen, Love so many of your images and feel a close kinship to your attraction to decay. I especially love your title, “The Poetry of Decay” I feel a sweet poignancy in faded images of declining places and aging. They are metaphors and icons of the cycle of life. Stay safe and stay well, Warm regards….. Hal Sent from my iPhone


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