And All The Flowers Were Mine

And All the Flowers Were Mine

“And All The Flowers Were Mine” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“And all the flowers were mine” from To One in Paradise by Edgar Allan Poe

This image is one of the happy chance combinations I sometimes stumble upon.  I had colorized the little girls but had no idea where I was going to place them.  I tried them in different locations I had photographed and this one room just seemed to fit them.  I then decided to use one of the paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Open Access program. I saw this one by Martin Johnson Heade and when I put it in the room and maneuvered it around I really loved the result.  It became very surreal and magical.  I still felt it was missing something so I added the gramophone and bees.

The room was photographed at an abandoned school in Pennsylvania.  The flowers are part of a painting by Martin Johnson Heade called “Hummingbirds and Passion Flowers” which is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The vintage image of the two little girls is also from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The gramophone I photographed at a flea market.

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