Till The Stars Had Run Away


Till The Stars Have Run Away

“Till The Stars Had Run Away” ©2018 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

“Till the stars had run away” from the poem Brown Penny by William Butler Yeats.

I stumble upon this beautiful portrait “Portrait of a Young Lady” on the National Gallery website.  The painter is anonymous but they do know he was a follower of Leonardo da Vinci. It was painted around 1500.  I decided to work with the portrait and create a new piece of digital art.  The background stars were created in Photoshop, her necklace was created from a texture in IColorama.  I just liked the star part so I cut them out and placed them around her neck.  The red panic button earring I photographed with my IPhone X at abandoned Turbuclosis Hospital as well as the image of the building on her face and hair.  I worked with the image first on my IPad using IColorama, Circular App, and Leonardo.  I then brought it back into Photoshop on my computer to make the color and lighting adjustments.


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