The Queen’s Armada


I haven’t posted in two weeks because I have been in a workshop, “The Creative Digital Collage” at the Santa Fe Workshops, Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My instructor was the wonderful Maggie Taylor whose work has been an inspiration to me and if I had just a pinch of her talent I would be a happy artist!  Maggie’s work is in museums and galleries around the world.  Her work was used for the opening title for the television show “Ghost Whisper” which you can see here.

The piece above is one I started in Maggie’s class and finished at home.  I learned so much from this class and will be always be grateful for Maggie’s generosity with her time and her sharing of her creative process.  It was such a great opportunity to learn from the master.

I used numerous elements to create this piece.  Water is from a local water reservoir where I live, the background is part of dutch masterpiece from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Open Access site, the queen’s body is from the National Gallery of Art Open Access site and the head is from a vintage photo, jackdaw from Frank and Cary on Deviant Art.

11 thoughts on “The Queen’s Armada

  1. Hey Karen….Don’t sell yourself short, you have loads of talent!!! I’m not familiar with Maggie’s work, but it must have been an amazing trip being able to study in Santa Fe!!

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