One Belongs to New York Instantly*

NYC on Speed

©2017 Karen Johnson

*Tom Wolfe

I was down in Manhattan last Saturday and decided to play around with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. I tried using Hipstamatic when it first came out but had a really hard time seeing what I photographed through their little camera backs that were part of the app.  Very cool but not functional for me.  They came out with a Pro Mode version which displays a much larger view of what you are photographing plus the ability to play with the filters after you have taken the shot.  Hipstamatic allows you to choose the film, the camera lens and the Flash/Gel.  This gives me a lot more creative freedom.  The image above was originally photographed using Ruddy + Otto + Red Eye Gel.  I changed it to Aristotle Film + Pinhole lens. I photographed this from Grand Street looking down to Canal Street.  I feel the blurriness captures the energy I feel when I’m photographing this wonderful city.

To learn more on how to use the Hipstamtlc app and just great Iphonography inspiration and help I found Hipstography, Mobiography, and TheAppWhisperer to be the best.

Take your iPhone and any camera you have and just go out and have fun photographing the world around you.  According to this article, it’s great for your mental health!

2 thoughts on “One Belongs to New York Instantly*

  1. Very cool. And thanks for the link to that article! Tweeted it out and will include it in next week’s JSP Week In Review (h/t t you of course!)

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