Sunset in the Cranberry Bog

©2017 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

I am posting late this week because I had such a wonderful day of shooting with four other photographers in the New Jersey Pine Barrens at workshop held by Rich Lewis. Rich offers two times for his workshop from 6 am to Noon so you can photograph the sunrise over the Pine Barrens or from 2pm to 8pm capturing the sunset.  I took the later workshop.  I have never been to the Pine Barrens which are located in the southern portion of New Jersey.  The Pine Barrens encompasses approximately 1 million acres of marshes, meadows, old cranberry bogs and pine forest.  It is breathtaking and you really need to be with someone who knows this area inside and out.  Rich Lewis does.  You can click here to find out more about Rich’s workshops.  I highly recommend his workshops.

The image above was photographed using my IPhone 6 plus and developed on my IPad Pro.  I used Affinity on my Mac to make a few changes to the image.  This was taken at sunset at an old cranberry bog .

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  1. Unacceptable!!! You MUST post on Sunday, otherwise how will I know that the next day is Monday?

    Ahh the Pine Barrens, one of the many unknown gems in our region. I was supposed to go on a kayak trip to The Barrens a number of years ago and weather forced us to cancel and I never made it back there. I’m sure it was splendid and eye opening.

    Nice shot too, BTW. Pat


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