The Starry Messenger

Green Spring Tuscany on a background blue sky

©2017 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved

Title inspired by “The Starry Messenger” by Galileo Gallei

I came across this great vintage image of a messenger at the Canadian Library and Archives.     I colorized him. The background is a composite made up of my own images that I had photographed, one antique rabbit print and one stock image which I usually don’t use in my work but I do not have access to Italian Cypress trees and I really wanted Italian Cypress trees so I had to license it.

My image, “Stranded in the Moonlight”, is in “Small Works” show at the Sidney Mishken Gallery at Baruch College in New York City.  Elizabeth Avedon is the Curator for the photography in the show and I am very thankful that she chose one of my pieces. Opening night is March 2, 2017 from 6-8 pm



“Stranded in the Moonlight” ©2015 Karen Johnson All Rights Reserved





2 thoughts on “The Starry Messenger

    • Thank you Marcelo! I placed a packet of letters in the rabbits mouth to allow the viewer to make up their own story. Is the rabbit stealing the messages before they arrive, delivering love letters. I felt the rabbit had to be in motion.

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