Orange You Glad


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I was in the city today doing a little street photography with a fellow photographer.  The orange color caught my eye and I photographed this through the window.  This was taken at Brookfield Place across the street from the World Trade Center.  I was experimenting with a new 50-230mm fuji lens on my Fuji X-T1.  I was inspired by Saul Leiter who photographed a lot of New York City scenes with a zoom in order to get a geometric compressed look.

I also have switched over from using Photoshop CC to Affinity Photo.  My decision is based on a very big problem I had with Adobe concerning the security of information on their website.  Since I could not get their customer service to take me seriously or allow me to speak to a Supervisor, I decided that if the company didn’t care enough about their customers, they most certainly did not need my money and promptly closed my creative cloud account.  I did some research and Affinity Photo is almost identical to Photoshop.  I love working with it and have not had any issues using it with my composite photography. Besides being a great answer to not using Photoshop the cost is a one time charge of $49.99, no subscription and lifetime upgrades.  I am not being paid to speak about Affinity Photo, in fact they don’t even know who I am.  I just wanted to share an excellent piece of software that I will be using for my work going forward.

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