Along the Passages They Come and Go


I photographed the hallway at the Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum in Weston, West Virginia.  I love the pink and blue peeling paint as well as the length of this incredibly long hallway.  The doors off of the hallway lead to rooms where patients at the asylum stayed.

The two little boys are from a beautiful glass plate photograph from Powerhouse Museum collection on Flickr ‘s The Commons site.  They are very generous placing a large number of their vintage photographs on Flickr for people to share and use.  I love the fact that one of the boys is sitting on this great vintage tricycle.  I colorized and retouched the photograph since it was originally in black and white.  The clouds are just a touch of whimsy I sometimes like to add to enhance the “not of this world feeling.”

Title:  From Haunted Houses by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

6 thoughts on “Along the Passages They Come and Go

  1. Karen, I really like how the pink of the left hand wall,half way down the corridor almost looks like it’s casting shadows from people. And the wood door on the right really offers a lot. I know the focal point is of the children and they are compelling but I really enjoyed all that is going on in this photo. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Lori! I love it when people look around the photo because I find looking around these places so interesting! The pink on the wall really caught my attention when I was photographing the hallway. This hallway was so unbelievably long.

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