I Dream of the Pale Horse

I Dream of the Pale Horse

Composite from a room I photographed at the Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum and the chair and bed were in the room.  The vintage image I downloaded from Mementomori on DeviantArt.  I colorized and retouched the image.  The beautiful piebald horse in the background is from the beautiful “Piebald Horse”  by Paulus Potter a Dutch painter and is an oil on canvas from the period between 1625 and 1654 which is in the Open Access program at the Getty Museum of Art. I just wanted a very dreamlike feeling to the image.  The ghost of someone from the past sitting in this room.

2 thoughts on “I Dream of the Pale Horse

  1. Great composition….interesting that the chair was still in the room and reasonably intact after all these years. Very soothing.

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