The Girl with the Canaletto


I was back at my favorite abandoned building last weekend, Scranton Lace Company.  I found this wonderful beat up couch with a nice reflection in front of it and immediately thought of this vintage photo .  I wanted something in the doorway and thought that since she was in such a classic pose, a classic painting would look nice behind her.  Thanks to the National Gallery of Art Open Access, I was able to use this wonderful Canaletto painting.  I love mixing the dirty and torn with classically beautiful objects.  This fit the bill.

This week I was also honored to be invited by Rixon Reed, Director of Photo Eye, to become one of the Photographers on the Art Photo Index (API).  The Art Photo Index is by invitation only  and Photographers included in the Art Photo Index are selected as a result of their accomplishments. Many of the photographers included are published by major photobook publishers or featured in art photography magazines. Some have received awards given by various organizations while others are represented by major photography galleries. These include Aperture, Blind Spot, European Photography, Guggenheim Fellowships, Santa Fe Prize and many more.  API’s audience are a cultivated, discerning audience including curators, gallerists, publishers, editors, picture researchers, art buyers, collectors, and others who have an intense interest in photography as an art form.

You can see my work on API here.


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