Storm Walker


I drove up to Waterford, Connecticut about a year ago with my Fuji X-Pro 1 to photograph Seaside Sanatorium.  Seaside was built in 1930 as a tuberculosis hospital for children.  In later years it would become a hospital for the elderly and then mental patients.  In the 1970’s reports started to surface that the patients were being ill-treated.  The hospital finally closed in 1996.  Today it sits abandoned on the water.  There is security on the premises but you are allowed to walk around and photograph it.  It is really haunting.

The woman is one of the vintage images I purchased on line and I worked with Adobe Painter to give her dress more volume and windswept.  All the vintage images I use I have to retouch and colorize.  It is a very long process but is a lot more pleasant to do since I purchased an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.  I use a program called Astropad which allows me to work with the image on my Apple Cinema display right on the IPad.  The bird is a Jackdaw and one of Frank’s from DeviantArt.  The image of the woman on the wall of the building and a tiny image of a man standing on the roof of the building is another one of my tintypes.  I photographed the clouds at Byram Lake in Mt. Kisco, New York.  Lightening is one of my Photoshop brushes.


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