The Rainmaker


With all the snow we had yesterday, 14 inches where I live, I should have titled this the Snowmaker!  I wanted a dark and magical image.  I needed a dark magician character so I created him using Adobe’s 3D software, Fuse.  I elongated the original jacket to a cape since the Fuse software has very limited clothing or at least clothing I like to have my characters dressed in (Steampunk or Victorian).  The Jackdaws are from Frank at DeviantArt.  The background is an undisclosed abandoned poor farm I photographed with my Fuji XT-1 on New Years day.  It is one of my favorite locations.  Texture is from Shadowhouse Creations.  Clouds, rain and lightening are Photoshop brushes I use.  The fog is actually from a photograph I took of clouds, again photographed with my Fuji X-T1.  The alchemy of mood was created using various filters in Photoshop from Topaz, MacPhun, and Nik.

I hope everyone on the East Coast is safe, sound and slowly digging their way out of the blizzard.  It was a massive storm.

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