Raggedy Ann


I photographed this room at Pennhurst State School on one of my Abandon America workshops.  It is one of those places that is very, very eerie and I love photographing the buildings there.  The vintage image of the girl is a tintype from my collection that I colorized in Photoshop. The Raggedy Ann doll was on the couch in that exact location (I don’t move things around when I shoot abandoned places).  The sky is a combination of a sky I photographed on a stormy day down at Kensico Dam and a sky I purchased with a tutorial from Phlearn.

I  used textures to create the mood from the wonderful Dirk Wuestenhagen, Shadowhouse Creations and my own created from peeling walls at Pennhurst.  Flypaper textures in a preset from Nic Color Efex Pro filters were also used.  In short, I used a lot of textures to get the mood I wanted.  A Fuji X-T1 was used to photograph the room at Pennhurst.

6 thoughts on “Raggedy Ann

  1. Definitely eerie! To me it looks like the word “help” is written on the couch to the left of the little girl…or maybe it’s just my eyes! Can’t imagine all the cries for “help” that came through those walls while Pennhurst was in operation!!

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