Ghost Ship


Photographed with my Fuji X-T1 at Scranton Lace Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania on my second  to last trip there with Abandoned America.  The vintage image is from and the water was photographed at Gateway National Recreation Area in Brooklyn, New York.  Textures are from 2 Lil Owls and Flypaper textures in Nik ColorEfex 4.  Topaz Impressions was used to give it a soft painterly feel.  I wanted that darkness of the old masters.

When I came across this cart at the lace company I immediately thought of a boat or ship and I loved the way the lace was hanging over.  I could just picture it floating in water.

7 thoughts on “Ghost Ship

  1. Brilliant. I know someone else who photographed there, I think. And I grew up near there (well, Wilkes-Barre). Never got there myself.

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