The Armonk Breakfast Club


I love the light rays coming down.  I told myself it was the former members smiling down at me.


It was a crisp beautiful autumn morning when I called my friend Linda to find out if the clubhouse, that stood on her parent’s property was still standing.  It was but scheduled to be torn down that morning.  I grabbed my camera and tripod and ran over to Wago Avenue to take a picture of the of the old Armonk Breakfast Club clubhouse before it was torn down.  The Armonk Breakfast Club was started by a group of Armonk men who were lifelong friends growing up in Armonk, my father belonged to it.  The clubhouse was located behind my Aunt Mildred and Uncle Charlie Wago’s house where they lived with their two daughters Linda and Charlene. Though they were not my blood aunt and uncle they were lifelong friends of my family and back then when you were that close to people you had the honor of calling them your aunt and uncle.

The Armonk Breakfast Club met every Sunday morning where the men would meet, cook breakfast, talk about hunting and fishing and enjoy each others company.  Once a year they would allow the wives to come down for breakfast.  Us kids were never allowed.  Below is a picture of some of the members taken at Linda’s wedding.  You can see the roof of the clubhouse in the background.


Members from left to right front row:  John Torlish, Ray Bell, John Dean, Kenny Abrans

Member from left to right back row:  Joe Wago, Harry Saglibene, Frank (Hank) Johnson (my Dad), Louie Tartaglia,

Ike Eisenhower, Harold Lape, Fred Coupe and Charlie Wago (aka Uncle Charlie).

The sad part is everyone in this picture except for Fred Coupe has passed on and I wanted one last picture of the clubhouse to remember them by.  Some of the members not photographed were Tom Durkin, Bimbi Cox, Tommy Cox and I apologize if I missed anyone.  Remember, I wasn’t allowed down there!

The club had it’s own patch which they would have sewed it on a jacket to wear around town.  My Dad had a green wind breaker that he wore it on.


They must have had 50/50 raffles because Buffy Fisher (another old Armonk Family) and the excavator on the tear down of the clubhouse found them in the shed and gave me a few.  I haven’t the faintest idea what they raffled off but I can imagine!


I couldn’t stay and watch the clubhouse come down because I knew I would cry. Another loss that over the last three years has been quite a bit for me.   Change is constant and sometimes I embrace it with open arms and other times I look open it with the loss of wonderful times.  I was very lucky to grow up in a small town where everyone knew you and you made lifelong friends.  Times were so much simpler then.

I dedicate this weeks blog to the members of the Armonk Breakfast Club.  I love and miss you all so very much.

A special thank you to Linda Wago Herbst for letting me photograph the club house, providing me with the picture of the some of the club members and the patch.  To Buffy Fisher for being kind and patient waiting for me to photograph the clubhouse before tearing it down.

10 thoughts on “The Armonk Breakfast Club

  1. Karen..thanks for the great memories. I had long forgotten the Armonk Breakfast Club. I remember the gentlemen had invited me to come to their sacred clubhouse one Sunday morning. I think they had asked me to draw something for them, and then as a thank you invited me. It was an honor to say the least.
    It was so nice to see the photo of all the men. Seeing Ike brought back such fond memories. This is the first photo I’ve seen of him in a very, very long time. I still miss him. I’ll share the photo with Andrew, he will love to see it.
    Thanks again!!

    • Oh Sue! Mr. Eisenhower was such a sweetie! That is so cool you were invited to the clubhouse! I’m glad the photos brought back fond memories. We do have some pretty good ones together!

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