Titans of Industry – Steam and Steel


This is the second image in a series of the Titans of industry.  The background of machinery and building were photographed at my first Abandoned America workshop call Steam and Steel in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. You can see the stacks I photographed of the Bethlehem Steel mill in the image.   The vintage image of the man is from e-vint.com.  The watch and clock face are from Graphics Fairy.  The goggles on the man are from another Abandoned America workshop, the Children’s Clothes Factory.  They were hanging in one of the rooms and I photographed them knowing I would use them somewhere. I added the clouds to the goggles and clock face from a Photoshop Brush.  The texture in the photograph comes from a one of my experiments using Citra-Solv on an old National Geographic Magazine. Filters used were from Topaz ReStyle.

4 thoughts on “Titans of Industry – Steam and Steel

  1. Wow! Karen, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve had doubts about some of your explorations with composites, but this one is a stunner. Practice pays off 🙂 For some reason I’m always hesitant to try new things, fearful that it will be permanent, and un-fixable, yet know from experience that isn’t the case, especially in this digital-image age. Brava!

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