There Might be Dragons


I was photographing abandoned farms with Abandoned America and fell in love with this silo.  When I originally photographed it I was thinking of incorporating a vintage image into the door opening at the top.  This particular vintage image is from and he is actually part of a group of three men.  I picked him because he was young and dashing in his uniform, exactly someone who could fight off a dragon.  The dragons popped into my head while putting it together.  I was going to originally name this post “Secret Weapon” but “There Might be Dragons” had more of a ring to it for me.  The dragons are a vintage illustration from Graphics Fairy .  The airplane is from WikiCommons.

The Silo was photographed in daylight and I brought clouds in from Photomorphis and then darkened using a color fill and hue and saturation layers.  The clouds and stars are from a Photoshop brush.  I wanted the image to be whimsical and fun.

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