The Old Woman in the Barn

The Old Woman in the Barn

Happy Father’s Day!

I photographed this abandoned barn recently and was drawn to this open door.  I ran a cross the image of the old woman on Graphics Fairy and really wanted to use it in this scene.  I colored the image in Photoshop working with many layers so that the I had control over the color of the hair, her lips, eyes, etc.  This is actually a lot of fun to do but takes a lot of time and a lot of layers.  Since it was a head shot, I found positioning it in the backdoor gave the appearance of a portrait hung in the barn.  But as we all know I can’t leave it as mundane as that and had to bring a haunting quality to it.  So I made it slightly transparent, just enough so you could see the wood grain of the board in the door to suggest she could be an apparition.

I photographed the barn with my Fuji X-T1 and processed the image in Photoshop CC 2015 using  the filters from Macphun Intensify and Topaz Restyle.

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