Girl in the Striped Dress


Girl in the Striped Dress is a composite image I created using a vintage image from my personal collection and a wonderful abandoned asylum in New York State that I photographed a few weeks ago.  Only I could view an abandoned asylum as wonderful (goes back to my wanting to live in the Adam’s Family House as kid). What I created is a haunting image of a ghostlike young girl with her ghostlike doplangers.  You can look at the image and come up with your own interpretation of what is going on (which is what I want my images to enable you to do).  My feeling when creating it was she could not escape from the place as represented by this curious chain (invisible) of herself attached to the image in the doorway.

I photographed the building at the asylum with my Fuji X-T1 which is such an amazing little camera.  I am constantly surprised by the quality of the images I get every time I shoot with it.  Plus it is so nice and light for me to carry.  The black bird on her arm is a Jackdaw (curtesy of FrankandCarySTOCK at DeviantArt).  The vintage photograph is from my personal collection and I hand colored it in Photoshop CC.  The birds in the sky are a photoshop brush from

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