Beach Ruins


Beach Ruins is set in one of my favorite rooms at Scranton Lace Company.  I photographed this massive space several times but this shot is from the first time I went there.  It had these huge piles of cement in the middle of the floor and the room had incredibly high ceilings with that wonderful architectural detail in it.  I knew I wanted to incorporate the room in a future image and when I happened upon this photograph of a woman in a bathing suit in the Library of Congress images in Flickr, I thought of the beach.  The water she is wading in is actually from Sherwood Island in Westport, Connecticut.  The hot air balloons are from Media Militia, a great source (and yes I did make a donation).  The trees were photographed by me this winter in my back yard.  All together I wanted a whimsical image with a little of that darkness I like so much.  Scranton Lace Company and the trees were photographed with my Fuji X-Pro1.

This image took many layers and a lot playing around with lighting and figuring out exactly what I wanted floating in that lofty ceiling.  I used Topaz Impressions, Topaz Restyle, Macphun Intensify and Nik Color Efex 4 to get the coloring and mood just right.

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