Stranded in the Moonlight


I took a ride up to Sherwood Island in Westport, Connecticut a couple of weeks ago to photograph the beach and water.  When I came home I decided to make it a moon lit beach scene with this elegant woman lying in the sand.  I wanted her to appear as if she crawled out of the water and played down from exhaustion.  I found this great graphic image of the seashell and decided to use it as a resting place for her head.  I then waved my Photoshop brush with stars and I had a magical scene.  The beach was actually shot in broad daylight and there were a few people on the beach which I was able to remove in Photoshop.

The woman is one of the vintage images I purchased through and I added different colors to it to bring it out.  Beach was photographed with my Fuji X-T1 and the wonderful 10-24mm lens.

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