Falling Tiles


Happy Mothers Day!  Below is a portrait of my Mom who passed away last August.  It is my first Mother’s Day without her and I miss her.


The image above my Mom’s is called Falling Tiles.  The background was photographed at Scranton Lace Company on one of my many visits there through Matthew Christopher’s workshops, Abandoned America.  I love this room.  Actually I loved all of Scranton Lace.  It was my absolute favorite abandoned building to photograph. This room had a pinkish color to it and a large number of the ceiling tiles had fallen down.  It just was interesting walking into one of the only rooms in the building that had such a large number of these tiles on the floor.  I went with one of the e-vint.com images of this woman who had a classical look and pose to her.  She was colored but I decided to change her coloring myself.   I added a river that I photographed at Rockefeller State Preserve in Pocantico Hills, New York.  The clouds in the windows I photographed at Byram Lake in Armonk, New York on a very stormy day.  The smaller clouds are a Photoshop brush.  Processing was through Photoshop CC, Macphun Intensify, Topaz Restyle and DXO Film pack.  I wanted a very old classical feel to this image.

13 thoughts on “Falling Tiles

  1. Hello Karen, I am sure it was a tough day today but I hope the good memories got you through.
    Great photo too!!

  2. Wow! Wonderful work as usual. What a classic photo of your mom….hope you made it through the day by remembering all the good times growing up.

  3. Nice work, Karen! I especially liked the portrait of your mom. I’m sure you felt the warmth of your mom’s love in your heart yesterday.

  4. This reminds me of a giant ship dock I passed by on the fairy between two cities yesterday here in Nova Scotia. I tried to take a picture of it for a future painting but my phone only took a blurry one when the fairy passed by it’s center. It was very very deep and very dark because there were walls tall and grand and black on each side. (I think people work there. It’s more of a construction site) – gloom exploring brings such a meaningful sensation. Some seem to describe it as creepy or depressing. It doesn’t matter. I think there is something charming & inviting about mysterious dark or abandoned places. Like a newly discovered hide-out from the world. Makes me feel like a child still uncertain about reality

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