I was looking through some images I had taken at Pennhurst State Hospital on my trip with the Abandoned America group and saw this cabinet that had a harlequin, circus feel to it.  I looked at some of the images from and decided to go with a Pierrot Clown theme.  This particular image really captured my imagination because the male Pierrot looks like he is up to no good.  The background is a room at Pennhurst with the cabinet barely visible.  The clouds are from Photomorphis and the moon and stars are Photoshop brushes.

This is an image that I started out with one look and it just didn’t resonate with me.  As I was clicking off layers the sky layer dominated the top of the image and I really liked it. Never be afraid to back out of a work flow to get the image that you want.

7 thoughts on “Intrigue

  1. Very dynamic. Feels like a cross between Cirque due Soleil, Joel Gray in Caberet and Marcel Marceau the Mike.

  2. Our art is not all that different! I browsed through your page, these are lovely. I love the gloomy feels, sensation of being lost or wondering, and the stellar look. I aim toward similar things myself. Right now I’m working on a landscape including plenty of gold in the sky – possibly an emerald mountain. Definitely starts and perhaps also trees. The energy of the water will be moving toward the horizon & the patterns within it will be bright but modest in their toy-likeness. I am in the maritimes and will be doing as many sea metaphores as I can. I’d also like to incorporate ships into the picture eventually. I used to have a bracelet with boats in each bead. I used it so much it deteriorated completely, but what this represents to me is what people these days refer to as ‘wanderlust’ – or the dreamy sensation you get when you want to explore the world & be free.

    Either way, I wanted to say I find your things lovely, & can relate to these certain aspects within them. Happy to follow you!

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