The Assignation


I have always been a big fan of mysteries and growing up I was addicted to the girl detective series, Nancy Drew.  This image has a little of that mystery feel to it.  I wonder why she is looking off to the side, what does the note say and the key unlock? Who is she meeting?

The background was photographed with my Fuji X-Pro1 at the old Catskill Game Farm on one of my Abandoned America trips. I visited the game farm as a child so it was  a lot of fun going back to see it without the animals.  This was photographed in one of the animal stalls.  I really loved the color of the walls and the light coming in when I photographed it.  The vintage photo is one from, the note on the floor is from an abandoned silk mill in Maryland and the key is from one of my father’s collections of locks and keys.  The sky textures is from Photomorphis.    I processed the image in Photoshop CC using Macphun Intensify and Topaz Restyle for detail and color.

5 thoughts on “The Assignation

  1. ….She heard a noise off to the right and thought, I should not have come in here by myself…….

    Really great, love the touch of the antique key.

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