Memories in the Moonlight or How Mistakes can be Creative


This is one of those composite images that took me awhile to create.  I stumbled upon it making mistakes which often leads to the results I want.  The background image was taken at the Victory Theatre in Holyoke, Massachusetts at an Abandoned America workshop with Matthew Christopher and Matt Lambros of After the Final Curtain, a  wonderful blog to raise awareness on the plight of these old and magnificent theaters.  This is the upper mezzanine foyer.  The vintage photo is from e-vint and I changed the color of her gown from cream to pink to add color.  I made the woman transparent because I wanted her to evoke a memory.  The sky on the ceiling is a texture from Photomorphis which I duplicated and mirrored so that the clouds appeared to wrap around the beam in the ceiling. That was a mistake while using a mask but noticed if I left part of it on the beam it gave it  3D look.  A pleasant mistake with a positive result.  From there I made it a night sky by darkening it and adding the stars with a Photoshop brush. The idea for a night sky and the whole image being set at night was another mistake.  I didn’t realize I had discarded the clipping mask on an exposure layer so the exposure layer now affected all the layers.  The result looked like it was set at night.  I realized that is exactly what I wanted. The moon in the window is a Photoshop brush.  I used Topaz Restyle and MacPhun Intensify to give me the additional mood and drama I wanted in the image.

Making mistakes in Photoshop or even when photographing a scene can lead to opening new creative ideas and avenues.  Don’t be afraid to takes chances with your art.

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