Open Doors


My sister and I were going through our parent’s house and came upon a box of vintage photographs.  I had been wanting to work with vintage photographs in my composites and now I had a whole box to play with!  I took a Photo Restoration class on CreativeLive to learn how to bring these great old images back to life and a great free webinar from Retouch Pro with Maggie Taylor on working with vintage photos in composites.

The room in the image above was taken in an abandoned house out in Pennsylvania.  I processed the room in Photoshop, MacPhun Intensify and Topaz Restyle. The painting on the wall is actually a photograph I took of flowers right outside the house and brought it into a vintage frame in photoshop.  I ran that photograph through Topaz Impressions to give it an oil painting look.  The floor is one I created for another one of my images and the woman is one of the photos I found in the box.  I added a dragonfly mask to her face which I created from a clipart of a dragonfly I found on the Graphics Fairy site.  Clouds are a Photoshop brush as well as the stars on the ceiling.

I wanted a surreal and magical feel to the image.  This took me about two weeks to put together and a lot of trial and error.  I can’t begin to count the number of layers I had created but it is a huge file.  In the end I had so much fun working on it.

10 thoughts on “Open Doors

  1. Sounds like you have stumbled upon resources and memories that will keep you busy for many years to come. I look forward to seeing the results culled from this treasure trove of old images. Nice start.

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