March Snow Storm


I drove out with my friend and fellow photographer Ilene to see the exhibit “Modern Alchemy: Experiments in Photography” at the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, Long Island.  The forecast was for a winter storm but my friend Ilene is a pro in driving in the snow and so we went under cloudy but clear skies.  The exhibit was fantastic and had some of my favorite photographers exhibiting; Maggie Taylor, Jerry Uelsmann, Abelardo Morrell and of course Man Ray. I was very inspired by their work.

On the way home, the snow started.  I am not good in a car in a snow.  I think it is an age thing since I had no problem when I was younger but as I am getting older, I hate driving in the snow.  So with Ilene at the wheel I was able to take the iPhone out and relax by taking some pictures as we drove along the LIE (for those of you who are not New Yorkers, that is the Long Island Expressway).  The photo above and below I used an IPhone app called Slow Shutter.  It’s fun when using in a moving car since the shutter stays open for a long period of time and you get this surreal looking image.  I brought this into Photoshop and worked with it using Macphun Intensify, DXO Film Pack and Topaz ReStyle.  I wanted a dreamlike quality to the image.

The image below was just processed in Photoshop, Macphun Intensify and Topaz Restyle. Again the dreamlike but darker quality to this one.


As we were heading over the Throgs Neck Bridge (which I for some reason always call the Frogs Neck Bridge) Ilene said, you have to get a shot of the bridge.  So here is my shot of going over the bridge in a snowstorm.  I processed this in Photoshop, Macphun Intensify, DXO Film Pack and Topaz Restyle.  There was very little snow on the bridge but you can see the snow coming down in this one.

I can’t wait for Spring!


6 thoughts on “March Snow Storm

  1. Well, the scary ride has paid off!
    I once also took pics in the snow from a train along the Hudson, with an Ipad. And I was surprised by the result.
    (Looks like you’ve had quite a winter overthere!)

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