Dreamy Landscapes


I’m getting ready to batten down the hatches with a Nor’easter heading my way.  I am not looking forward to wind gust up to 50 mph and 20-30 inches of snow.  With that kind of weather looming ahead I decided to create my own landscapes which DO NOT contain SNOW!

The image above is a composite of a tree I photographed in our town park and a door I photographed in Connecticut.  The background is composed of two textures from Photomorphis, sky-cloud and horizon, combined with a sky image I photographed.  The mood is created by three textures by Dirk Wuestenhagen.  I processed the image in Capture One, Photoshop, MacPhun Intensify Micro Bold, Nik Color Efex Pro and Topaz Impressions Water Color IV.  My goal was to create a fairy tale, dreamy place.

The image below is a composite of an image I photographed at Fort Tilden a boat located in a barn I photographed in Pennsylvania and one of my sky images.  This was processed in Capture One, Photoshop, Nick Color Efex Pro Contrast, and Topaz Impressions Cracked ImPasto and Pastel IV.  Birds are a photoshop brush from Distressed Textures.  Again, I wanted a very dreamy fairy tale feel to it.  All images except the tree were photographed with my Fuji X-Pro 1.


14 thoughts on “Dreamy Landscapes

  1. Love the dreamy tree with a door. As it turns out I am watching “The Sixties” on CNN and they just showed a clip from “The Twilight Zone” – hmmmm.

  2. Both of them are great composite shots Karen! The tree looks like someplace one of the characters from Winnie the Pooh would live in! Very cozy and quaint! I love the colors and the textures in your boat picture. It is very serene and makes you wonder how the boat ended up there. It looks like an underground bunker under the hill. Lots of interesting things going on in this picture!

  3. I love the tree photo….it reminds me of where all the litltle fairies, that I believe, live in the woods behind my house!

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