Abandoned House


I photographed this great abandoned house in Pennsylvania during the summer.  I started out working the images in color but decided I like the haunting quality of B&W.  The images were processed in Capture One, Photoshop, MacPhun Intensify and Topaz Impressions.  I wanted to show some of the detail and still maintain a slight dreamy quality.  I compose these images so that when you look at them you wonder what is up the stairs, who may be coming down, what is lurking inside the door under the stairs.  I leave it to the viewer to decide.  The kitchen cupboards below I brought more of a chiaroscuro light to it which lends a haunting look.

I always wonder what went on in these houses and the stories they could tell.


6 thoughts on “Abandoned House

  1. Karen – these are both exquisite. The first, with the stairs, makes me question what’s upstairs IN the house and the second photo wants me to ask what WAS in the house. But I imagine others may see them differently.

    I agree, I love the black and white rendition. I also like the vertical and diagonal lines in the first photo.

    Well done, for sure!

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