Catskill Game Farm


I photographed the Catskill Game Farm back in July with a group from Abandoned America and wanted to come back in the again with them in the fall.  I knew it would be beautiful in the fall and I was not disappointed. The day was full of thunder clouds and the light that was able to sneak through and light the gorgeous fall foliage up.  The image above is looking down one of the roads and it really shows the coming storm.  All the images were shot with the Fuji XPro-1 and processed in Capture One 8, Photoshop, MacPhun Intensify and Topaz Impressions.  I did use two of Dirk Wuestenhagen’s textures on the image above.

The image below is of the abandoned restaurant.  That gorgeous light filtering in from the clouds was just beautiful


Another great abandoned building.  Because of the dark cloud coverage, shooting inside was not going to get the light and shadows I like to photograph so I concentrated on the landscape.



Below is looking down the main road of the game farm and standing in the middle of the road is my buddy Grady, the Owner’s dog waiting for me.  He has to have Australian Shepherd in him because I watched him herd eight goats that were off somewhere on the property.  He is an amazing herder.  Grady decided to keep me company for the last hour and a half I was shooting.  He is so clever.  He figured out that when he heard the beep of my camera timer go off I would be moving on to another area to photograph.  He would be wandering around and as soon as he heard the timer go off he would run back over to me and wait for me to pick up the tripod and move onto the area to shoot.  He stood perfectly still for this shoot!




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