I did not post last week because I was away photographing some very interesting abandoned places upstate New York with my two friends Harry & Peter.  This series is an abandoned hotel that just had some wonderful areas to photograph.  I spent about 5 hours shooting here and it was not the most safe place to be in but we were very careful and very respectful of the environment.  The only thing I ever take are pictures and the only thing I leave behind are footprints.  The image above just had this fantastic gilded mirror laying on it and I fell in love with the color of the couch as well as the “moss” carpet.

Below is the registration desk and the graffiti just gave it this very abstract painting look to it.  I shot everything with my Fuji X-Pro 1 and the processing on each image is an alchemy of layers and filters.  I am still playing around with Topaz Impression and Macphun Intesify.  I like combining the artistic effects in Topaz with the high detail in Macphun Intensify and then brushing in and out details and softness.





I walked into this building and started heading towards the back.  The floors were spongy in spots so I walked the beams to be on the safe side. I looked to the back wall and someone had stuck the chair legs into the wall so that the chairs were just suspended.  I though it looked cool.



Another couch situated for the best view of the trees.  Very surreal lighting.  This image I used the everything on including Nik Color Efex.  The lighting was important to me so I really worked with dodging, burning and luminosity masks.  I brought detail in, took it out, brought in again.  I just had fun experimenting.  My feeling is if you don’t try it you’ll never know.


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  1. Sorry, back on the wall chairs again. With the pink and green, looks like a sorority house gone bad, oh so very bad. Call in the exorcist.

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