Victory Theater


I was off with a group of photographers and the two Matt’s from Abandoned America and After the Final Curtain to the Victory Theater in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The Victory Theater opened in 1920 and is a wonderful example of art deco architecture. The theater is currently owned by the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts who were gracious enough to allow us to photograph it.  They are currently raising money to renovate the theater and open it up again as a performing art center, half of our workshop fee went towards this.

The image above was taken in the lower balcony looking towards stage left.  You can still see part of the beautiful artwork on the wall.  I shot this with my Fuji X-Pro 1 that took a very, very bad fall while on the tripod in the dark projector room.  I was helping someone and backed up and knocked into my tripod and I heard the camera hit the cement floor.  Once I was able to get into the light the camera had just a little cosmetic scratch but kept on working as if nothing happened.  The Fuji X-Pro 1 is a metal body camera and obviously built like a tank!  This is my favorite camera so my heart did stop when I heard it hit.

The image is bracketed with 3 exposure stops to capture detail in the light and shadows.  I processed it in Capture One and brought it into Photoshop.  From there I used luminosity masks to bring out the best in the 3 exposures.  I then had fun with some new programs I purchased.  Macphun Intensify Pro is an awesome program.  It brings out detail and color better than Nik.  I then brought it into the new Topaz Impression which has some wonderful artistic filters.  I used the chiaroscuro filter and then blended my original image so that it has a very interesting photographic/art feel to it.  Love the combination of these two programs in Photoshop.

The image below is of the Ladies Lounge.  This room was pretty much in the dark except for the light filtering in from the door.  I looove that couch.  Very art deco.  I used basically the same process as the other image except I went with the pencil filter in Topaz Impression rather than the more painterly one.  This really popped the detail that Intensify Pro had pulled out.

Ladies-LoungeI will be showing more work from this theater. I shot around 300 images that day.

6 thoughts on “Victory Theater

  1. Wonderful images and sorry about the camera accident. But true, it’s built like a tank and it keeps on ticking! Looking forward to seeing more images. Keep’m coming.

  2. That IS a great couch in the ladies room. Perfect for a bay window. Too bad it’s design is most likely gone along with many great theaters like this one. Great pics!

  3. Hello Karen. Noce work. Glad the X Pro-1 survived. Have you tried any of McPhun’s other products like Tonality?
    I just got it and am looking forward to playing around with it.

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