Another image I have been working on since July.  I had it looking one way and didn’t like it so I spent last week taking back it to the beginning background and rebuilt it the way I wanted it to look.  This is an ongoing process that happens with some composites.  Sometime I get it just the way I want it in a few hours, other times it takes me months to get the feel that I really want.  The background was photographed at a nearby lake called Byram Lake. Many happy childhood memories riding around the lake looking for quail and fox with my Pop Pop Johnson.  The day this was shot a storm was coming in so I had really dramatic clouds.  The character is me in my living room and the wings I was able to take from a Jackdaw stock photo I had used before from the great Frank and Cary on Deviant Art.  The textures are from Brook Shaden’s India collection and the wonderful Dirk Wuestenhagen.  The background was photographed with my Fuji x100s and the character with my Fuji X-Pro 1.  The feathers dropping off can be the wings coming on or off.  However you want the story to go.

Reminder I have an image in the “Elements” juried show at the Loft Artist Gallery in Stamford, Connecticut starting on September 12th (reception that evening).  If you are in the area  that evening, please stop by and say hello.


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