Beauty & Decay


I photographed and partially processed this shot with my iPhone 5s.  I then brought into Photoshop CC to work on it a little more.  I wanted it to have this slight dreamy feel to it so I softened the focus up a little bit.  I just love the decaying trolley’s juxataposed with the beauty of the field of wild flowers.  It’s that contrast that I am always looking for and enjoy photographing.

The image below was photographed with my Fuji X-Pro1 processed in Capture One and the Photoshop CC.  From there I transferred over to my iPad so I could get a really nice painterly feel to it using a great app called iColorama.  I then saved it as a PNG brought back into Photoshop.  From there I added a great texture by Distressed Textures and and the Nik Color Efex.  The birds are photoshop brush also by Distressed Textures.  If you take anything away from this post, it should be don’t be afraid of moving an image between computers, phones and tablets to get the look you want.


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