The Rhinoceros House


When I was a little girl I went to the Catskill Game Farm with my family.  A few weeks ago I went back to photograph it through an Abandoned America Workshop.   Another workshop will be held there on August 3rd if  anyone is interested in attending.  Just click here and it will take you to the page. The Catskill Game Farm opened in 1933 and was officially recognized as a zoo in 1958.  It closed in 2006 and all the animals and amusement rides were auctioned off.  It was bought by the present owners in 2012 who have plans of opening more of a camp ground/B&B on the land.   It is a very interesting place to photograph with a lot of old cages and structures.  This post is focusing on the Rhinoceros House where you would go and see the exotic African Rhino’s.  I  loved the graphic quality of the gigantic bars  that separated the indoor animal enclosures.  You can see them in the image above and below.


The image below is the entrance for the animal keepers to reach the back of the cages on the main floor.  The light falling from the skylight onto the discarded sinks and tables caught my eye.


The image below is of the spiral staircase that went from the lower level where the winter pens were located up to the entrance to the animal keepers room above.  You can just see in the image above the top of spiral staircase on the bottom left.

Again I just loved the light and shadows on the staircase staircase.


The image below is the lower level and the hallway off of the room with the spiral staircase above.  A child’s wagon was left in the hallway and caught my eye.  The door way where the wagon is located leads out to the outdoor area for the Rhino’s which was surrounded by a huge moat.

I will be posting other areas of the Game Farm in future blogs so keep your eyes open for them!


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