Something about an Abandoned Loo



Whenever I am in an abandoned place I always seem to be taking pictures of the loo.  I don’t know if it is because it seems to show the decay so much or I”m just fascinated that it is still intact.  Whatever it is I have two this time around and they are both in the same abandoned house.  I shot both of these with my Fuji XPro-1 on a tripod (usually do because I bracket my shots +1, 1, -1) and then work with the three images to bring out the light and shadows.  I use a Really Right Stuff tripod head, BH55, with an “L” bracket on all my cameras.  It makes going from a vertical to a horizontal shot quick and easy.  The Really Right Stuff tripod head and “L” brackets are expensive but they are made in the USA and made to last.  I made the mistake when I first started out buying a less expensive tripod head and paid for it with blurry images.  Pay once for the better quality is my motto now.

Both images are my usual process in CaptureOne, Photoshop and Nik Color Efex using that wonderful low key filter.  Layering my three exposure is also key since I can bring in the best light and shadow from the different exposures.  The advantage of doing it this way versus HDR is no artifacts when you blow the images up to a large size and I am able to have a sharp image with a soft tonal range.



11 thoughts on “Something about an Abandoned Loo

  1. These are gorgeous! But, there’s a small voice that warns me someday we might see a version of one of these with a ghostly image of you . . .:-)

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