Abandoned Somewhere in Pennsylvania



I was off and running last weekend in Pennsylvania photographing an abandoned site.  I have to keep the location secret at the request of the owner of the property.  I had a blast at the site and plan on going back in the fall.

The image above really spoke to me in a graphic sense .  I loved the way the two trains framed the car and the light and shadow of decay.

I just loved the pattern the shattered glass made in the image below.  I actually took the image above and the image below and did a print transfer onto a white cotton t-shirt using Transferiez which is made by Inkaid.  It came out great and I am still working on the best way to preserve it so it will make it through the wash.  The owner of Inkaid actually called me when I asked how to do this and suggested Krylon Crystal Clear.  So I’m going to try that this week.



This image was taken outside an old Steel Mill in Pennsylvania that is still being used today.  Again, the graphic quality of it intrigued me.  All the photographs were shot with either my Fuji X-Pro 1 or Fuji x100s.  Raw conversion in Capture One, processed in Photoshop CC and Nik Color Efex.  I worked a lot with the low key filter in both the image below and the first image.


6 thoughts on “Abandoned Somewhere in Pennsylvania

  1. Great, great, great photos! The turnstyle is very post-apocolyptic. The broken glass in the second photo looks like frost patterns. Post more!!!

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