I had this idea in the back of mind and wanted it to look like a batik or a melding of the character and the fish in the background. I definitely wanted it to look painterly. The fish were photographed at my Mom’s assisted living place.  They have this large fish tank in the activity room and I was photographing the fish with my old Android cell phone.  The character was photographed in my kitchen (me again).  I first made the background up using a gradient layer in photoshop.  Then I added textures by 2 Lil Owls that I had purchased and ran it through Nik Color Efex Pro.  I then used the “wave” filter in photoshop to give it that watery look.  I added the bubbles using a photoshop bubble brush that I purchased online and also worked with the dress and hair using a very cool painterly photoshop brush that I also purchased online.   The light filtering down is a texture by Dirk Wuestenhagen.  I also ran this through Trey Ratcliff preset in Lightroom 5 that I had purchased.  I prefer purchasing rather than free because I then have the license to use in my work. Always the safer choice. The main thing is I am always surprised when I have an idea and then how the work evolves from there.  I always think experimenting and pushing yourself to try different techniques is a great learning experience and fun!


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