The Siren’s Series


I have been working on the Siren’s series for the last couple of weeks and having fun with compositing it together.  The image above is titled “The Siren’s Breath” and the image below is titled “Call of the Siren”.  The Siren’s Breath is made up of several images and a painting!  The sailboat was photographed at my house and is a model about 3 feet hight.  I photographed it with my Fuji X Pro1.  The ocean is a “Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program” and is from a painting by Claude-Joseph Ventet called “A Storm on the Mediterranean Coast”.   The Getty Museum’s Open Content Program allows you to download a selection of their digital images for free and without restrictions.  I am a fan of Ms. Aniela who uses portions of paintings in her conceptual fashion photography as you can see here.  I wanted to give it try and had a lot of fun.  The clouds were photographed by me and I used a smoke image, purchased through Phlearn, to create the wind blowing from the Siren’s mouth.  Birds are a purchased photoshop brush.  I processed the image in CaptureOne to start, moved it into Photoshop to add an oil filter and then in Lightroom where I used a combination of three of Trey Ratcliff’s presets.  Finished up everything in Photoshop.

The “Call of the Siren” is an interesting composite.  The rock wall that the siren is calling from is actually one of the minerals I photographed with my Fuji x100s at the American Museum of Natural History.  The ship is from the same painting I used in “The Siren’s Breath”, the water is from several images of ocean and water I had photographed and the rocks are part  of an image I took at Tod’s Point in Old Greenwich.  The clouds are from texture and images Brooke Shaden gave us from one of her workshops and the birds are from a purchased photoshop brush.  I have about 20-30 layers comprising this image.

I hope these images encourage you to step outside the box when it comes to photography.  For me, photography is always about having fun and trying new techniques.


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